Natural products from a unique natural deposit

Many years ago when the mountains were being formed, near what is now Redmond, Utah, there existed a body of seawater covering an area of massive volcanic activity.  This combination resulted in two very unique products available today.  First, a natural mineral salt loaded with wholesome nutrients from the pristine and unpolluted ocean waters.  And second, a volcanic ash rich in the myriad of natural minerals usually only found deep within Mother Earth.

Mine Entrance

Amazing results

Redmond Minerals is proud to offer these products, free of any chemical pollutants or other harmful substances, to livestock producers around the world.  The utilization of these minerals enables animals to perform the way nature intended.  Countless are the reports we’ve received from happy customers who witnessed a change in their animals from the use of our products.

About Redmond

For traditional companies, every decision is designed to drive profit—the ultimate goal of the business. At Redmond, profit matters (without it, there would be no business), but we view profit as the means to a more important end: elevating the human experience.

It sounds unconventional or insincere, we know. We’ve been called naïve by some and arrogant by others, and we understand that our way of business wouldn’t work for a lot of companies. But it works well for us.

Learn more about our parent company on the Redmond Inc website.

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