The best mineral foundation for your bison with over 65 minerals, Redmond bison products are the best foundation to build on.


Bison 90

Mineral consumption for bison is often a challenge. Bison 90 is a sweetened premium mineral salt with over 60 natural minerals and bison love it. Bison 90 has 90 ppm of added selenium, copper, manganese, cobalt, iodine and zinc. Several of the most respected bison herds in North America are on this mix.

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Bison at another level

Our unrefined sea salt is the foundation of our bison products. Then, we add extra levels of high quality minerals to the mix: selenium, copper, manganese, cobalt, iodine and zinc.

Bison love Redmond

Animals choose Redmond over any other free-choice salt or mineral and they do better on it, because of their preference toward Redmond products, they significantly reduce the intake of the expensive mineral mixes. Most people report a 50% reduction.

“We have a large herd of bison and beef in the Peace River District of Alberta. Our problem was a low conception rate of 63% and a lack of selenium in our area. Redmond made us a custom mix of salt and mineral for our bison. Bison 90 was born! After 2 years a tremendous improvement in conception rate of 80% was obtained. Our cows are addicted to Redmond!”

Delano Toews – 
Spirit River, Alberta

“For us mineral is the biggest health factor in Bison, because if they get low on minerals you’re going to have all kinds of issues. Since we’ve been getting this mineral into them, we’ve had next to no health issues.”


Nolan Miller
Silver Creek Bison
Binscarth, Manitoba, Canada


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